Where Ideas Collide and Innovate: A Catalyst for Disruptive Solutions

The Think Tank is the beating heart of the S.P.A.C.E ecosystem. This non-physical but ideal space is where visions, experiences, knowledge, and skills from various sectors merge to give birth to new ideas and concepts. It’s a meeting point for talents, thoughts, cultures, and different approaches, where the main goal is to stimulate innovative and disruptive thinking.

Through intensive brainstorming, we encourage participants to go beyond their limits, think unconventionally, and step out of their comfort zones. This process allows for the generation of new projects, solutions, models, and concepts that otherwise would not have had the space to emerge.

In our Think Tank, the sharing and cross-pollination of ideas are fundamental. We firmly believe that it is through the intersection of diverse perspectives and the comparison of ideas that the most authentic innovation can be achieved.

Our goal is to continue evolving the Think Tank, constantly testing new approaches and formats to ensure ever-improving performance. We are committed to maintaining our Think Tank as a dynamic and stimulating place that invites discovery and the exploration of new horizons of thought.