The Arctica project is an audacious venture by S.P.A.C.E aiming to create a Mars analog in the heart of one of Earth’s most inhospitable places: Arctica. We believe that this extreme territory, with its freezing climate, sterile soil and near-total isolation, represents the ideal environment to simulate living conditions on the red planet and prepare us for space colonization.

Scheduled for 2024, the Arctica project involves the construction of a highly technological research outpost. This will be designed to withstand the extreme conditions of Arctica and provide a testing platform for emerging space technologies. Astronauts, researchers, and technicians will be put to the test in this environment, conducting scientific experiments and developing new technologies for survival in space.

At the same time, the outpost will simulate living conditions on Mars, giving participants a taste of the physical and psychological challenges that astronauts will have to face. The experience gained in Arctica will be crucial for preparing future space colonization missions.