Space analogs play a crucial role in preparing us for space missions. These are places on Earth that present conditions similar to those we might find on other planets or in space, such as cold and dry deserts, active volcanoes, or deep-sea floors. These areas offer a natural laboratory for testing technologies, training astronauts, studying potential health risks, and developing survival tactics and operational procedures.

In the preparation phase of each space mission, analogs prove to be valuable tools for mitigating risks, increasing efficiency, and improving the chances of success. They not only allow us to test and refine the technologies to be employed but also give us the opportunity to understand how humans physically and psychologically react to the challenges posed by extreme conditions.

On our journey towards the exploration and colonization of space, analogs represent an essential step, a kind of “training ground” that helps us prepare for the challenges that await us beyond our atmosphere.

In S.P.A.C.E, we recognize the invaluable value of these simulations and use them as fundamental pillars of our research and development.

To give concrete shape to our objectives, we are working on the construction of two Earth analogs. These will be built in locations with particular geological characteristics that make them suitable for space simulation. These analogs will be used for:

-Conducting simulation missions;

-Testing space technologies and high-tech products developed by our network partners;

-Interconnecting and collaborating with other existing Earth analogs to contribute to the creation of a global network dedicated to the –development of space technologies based on analogous simulation.

Furthermore, in 2024, a simulated mission is planned,  which will benefit of the partecipation of major industrial partners.