Robert Zubrin

Robert Zubrin is an American aerospace engineer and author known for advocating manned Mars exploration. He developed Mars Direct, a plan to reduce mission costs and complexity by utilizing Martian resources for oxygen, water, and fuel. NASA later adopted a modified version of this plan. Zubrin criticizes plans for asteroid bases or another Moon mission, citing their inability to self-sustain with essential resources like Mars can. In 1998, after his book “The Case for Mars” and due to limited government interest in Mars, he founded the Mars Society to promote manned Mars missions, seeking private funding where possible.

Antonio Del Mastro

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer with a long experience in the design, risk analysis techniques and certification of devices and systems in Space and not-Space industry. He is currently president of Mars Planet founded in 2004, as Italian chapter of the International Mars Society, and Technical Director of Mars Planet Technologies, a Space company focused on the terrestrial application of space research. His main areas of research interest are related to space medicine, robotics, virtual reality, and space economy.

Pietro Veragouth

Graduated in economics, he specialized in disruptive technologies. Since 2015, he has been leading the Swiss Institute for Disruption Innovation, a center of excellence in research and innovation. He has over 15 patents to his name, including holographic projection technologies and synthetic meat, which have given rise to several successful ventures.