In the field of space communications, in collaboration with various entities, we are developing a series of innovative technologies and approaches to overcome the unique challenges encountered in this context. Space communications, in fact, present a series of distinct challenges compared to terrestrial communications, as large distances and difficult environmental conditions can hinder traditional transmission systems.

Beyond traditional satellite communications, which require a direct or “line of sight” connection between the transmission satellite and the receiver, we are working on advanced communication technologies, including quantum communication.

In addition to our efforts in traditional satellite communications, which rely on direct line-of-sight connections between satellites and receivers, we are actively exploring advanced communication technologies, such as quantum communication, and production of satellites in orbit factories. By collaborating with various entities, we aim to develop innovative solutions that can overcome the unique challenges posed by space communications. These challenges include vast distances and harsh environmental conditions that can impede conventional transmission systems. Our focus is on pushing the boundaries of technology to enable seamless and efficient communication in space.