Space Excellence in the Heart of the Alps

Nec Aspera Terrent – Difficulties do not deter us.

Nestled among the majestic Italian Alps, Val Seriana is set to become the epicenter of extraordinary innovation: the Seriana Space Valley. This ambitious project aims to create a vibrant business and knowledge ecosystem in the space sector, combining local resources and aspiring to leave a global footprint. But what makes our initiative so special?

The Future of Space: A Growing Economy

The space industry is bound to be one of the driving forces of the economy in the coming decades, with forecasts indicating growth from $480 billion to over $1,000 billion in the next few years, reaching $3,000 billion in a more distant future. This sector profoundly influences everyday life, from telecommunications to digital services, and offers an incredibly high return on investment, with studies showing that every euro invested can generate a return of seven or even fifteen euros.

A Response to Local Crisis

However, while the space sector thrives globally, some local communities face economic challenges, including the loss of young talents looking for opportunities elsewhere. Seriana Space Valley was born from the belief that the space economy could provide new vitality to the Bergamo area, both to the existing industrial system and to the one developing thanks to the evolution of the global space economy.

Valuing Local Skills

Our project begins with a careful analysis of local skills. In Val Seriana, we find companies highly specialized in sectors such as mechanics, materials, telecommunications, agrifood, and electronics. We want to combine these skills to explore how they can be integrated into the space sector. Our companies can become suppliers of more complex space systems, applying their skills in various fields. Some local companies are already embarking on this path, and we want them to join our project to grow Seriana Space Valley.

Collaborating for Success

Furthermore, we aim to create a community of interest and skills, a synergistic entity in the European space market, ready to provide applications in various subdomains of the space sector. This synergy is rare but valuable and positions us as a unique district in the European space landscape.

Credits: NASA

Training for the Future

Looking ahead, Seriana Space Valley aims to develop vertical space applications, such as sensors and instruments for satellites and telescopes. Training will be a key element, with an emphasis on transmitting space knowledge to the local industrial and cultural community. This learning process will provide unprecedented opportunities for the young people of our region.

From Local to Global: The Goal of S.P.A.C.E

Seriana Space Valley represents S.P.A.C.E’s commitment to unite tradition and innovation, starting from our local roots to become part of the global space ecosystem. By combining local skills, collaboration, and training, we are building a sustainable and opportunity-filled future in the extraordinary adventure of space.

Our Mantra: The Process of "Spaceformation" of Traditional Industry

In Seriana Space Valley, S.P.A.C.E’s mantra is “SPACEFORMATION”. We are convinced that before the terraforming of other celestial bodies in the solar system, it is necessary to trigger a profound transformation of traditional industry on Earth as a preparatory and necessary step to participate in the economic revolution brought by the space sector.

Join us in creating the Seriana Space Valley and help shape the future of the space sector with your company or your professional skills!