We carry with us lessons learned from our Earthly history, determined not to repeat the same mistakes. Our mission is underpinned by an indispensable sense of responsibility towards future generations.

While maintaining an apolitical and supranational stance, we believe constructive dialogue with governments and institutions is essential. Emphasizing our “super partes” principle, we commit to involving all parties.

At the heart of our mission is the democratization of space. We don’t see space exploration as an elitist privilege but as a right and opportunity for all. We envision a future where space is a frontier accessible to everyone, a place where ideas can proliferate, and every voice has value.

But a more visceral aspect makes our mission crucial. Faced with a world full of challenges and threats—some unpredictable, from nuclear wars to technological drifts, from supervolcanoes to asteroids, from environmental disasters to overpopulation—it’s only a matter of time and mere probability before we may have to confront one of these crises.

In the face of such risks, we see space, and primarily Mars, as Earth’s backup plan. It’s a safeguard for the future of our species, a bulwark against catastrophic events that threaten our existence.

Therefore, our goal is not just a desire; it’s a necessity. A tangible objective that we must strive to achieve as soon as possible. Our commitment extends beyond ourselves to future generations. This is the driving force of our work, the reason we strive every day to advance towards the stars.