Our mission is to make our vision tangible, combining pragmatism and concreteness with ambition and curiosity. We transform curiosity into knowledge, knowledge into action, and action into shared progress. Guided by the will to push the boundaries of our understanding, we dedicate ourselves to exploring all dimensions of space, uniting people in a holistic journey of discovery.

Collaboration and pragmatic action are at the heart of our mission. We firmly believe in the power of collective minds and the potential that can emerge from the union of diverse talents. We commit to collaborating with innovators and visionaries, those who can revolutionize the way we see and interact with space, and together create new concrete opportunities.

Our mission includes a commitment to the democratization of space exploration. We strive to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or resources, joining forces on a shared platform where every voice can be heard, every idea can be shared, and every individual can actively contribute to our common mission.

We are always tuned into the future, but with a strong sense of realism and concreteness, we work to keep our organization at the forefront, illuminating the mysteries of space and sharing these discoveries with the world. Our mission is not just a matter of scientific or technological progress but also of responsibility, ethics, and hope for the future. This is our mission: to unite people, push boundaries, and build a better future for everyone in the vastness of space, with a pragmatic and concrete approach.